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Direct Debits

For many companies taking direct debit collections is a vital way to gain revenue. SmarterPay’s aim to make the collection journey as simple as possible and hassle free.

Direct Debits:

Our Direct debit solutions are fully integrated into Salesforce.

Direct Debits can be set up through an online ecommerce page, which allows for the information to be transferred into Salesforce. Alternatively our solution allows Direct Debits to be created directly into Salesforce, this is ideal if your company takes orders, subscriptions, donations etc. through MOTO transactions.

1) Validate account number and sort code.
2) Set up new instruction.
3) Regular file creation and checks.
4) Files and instructions sent to a BACS through a bureau of your choice or through our own partnered bureau.

Account Number and Sort Code Validation:

• Enables bank details to be validated at point of entry.
• Ensures data accuracy.
• Saves administration time.
• Can be used on both ecommerce payment pages and within CRM systems for those manually imputing data.

Account Number and Sort Code Validation Demonstration:

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