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Postcode Lookup

Find any business or home address in the UK using our simple Postcode Lookup tool.

Postcode Lookup service, also commonly known as ‘Address Lookup’ and ‘Address Auto-fill’, is a service that enables you to quickly find a full address using just a postcode. Only 100% valid addresses are kept in our databases, therefore there is no room for mistakes.

Postcode Lookups can be integrated into many different systems, such as web forms, checkout pages, call centre interactions, and and at point of data entry in CRM.  This means that the function can not only benefit your customer, but your employees as well.

Customer Benefits:

• Promotes reliability to the organisation, e.g. correct delivery addresses.
• Creates customer retention.
• Many customers are used to the feature and expect to see it.
• Boosts professional image.

Company Benefits:

• Minimum fuss for those imputing data into CRM.
• Less work for IT departments.
• The function is maintained and updated by Income Systems.
• No software to install.

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