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Make Bacs payments
in all circumstances

Safeguard your Bacs systems

Whilst seemingly unlikely, nearly every organisation will experience instances
where they are unable to submit their payment instructions to BACS. Lost,
damaged and expired smartcards as well as things like hard disk failure, virus
attack and accidental server wipes are all everyday examples of where the need
for a BACS contingency plan is especially important.

SmarterPay Contingency Service safeguards your Bacs environment and ensures that you’ll always be able to pay your staff and suppliers and continue to collect revenue from your customers.

“We were immediately attracted to the competitive pricing of Smarterpay. Everyone was so helpful and really listened to what we needed.”

Maggi Lanton
Senior Administrator, Freedman Products (Aquaid)

Key features of our SmarterPay Contingency service



Fully hosted and managed cloud-based payment service


No Hardware Required

No Bacs software or hardware to install or maintain


Secure Payments

Payments protected using industry-standard encryption, digital signatures and secure Bacs connections



Simplified Bacs payments and collections in emergency situations



Automated validation, approval and submission process reduces need for manual operation

Protect your business today

Proud supplier to some of the UK's finest companies

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