First founded in Greater Manchester in 1991, Human Appeal is a global humanitarian and development organisation that delivers sustainable development programmes to some of the world’s poorest nations.

As a charitable organisation based on Islamic values, Human Appeal is heavily reliant on donations to carry out its essential disaster relief projects each year. Donations are especially important during the month of Ramadan which, encourages all Muslims to give a proportion of their wealth to charity each year. With the daily donations of Ramadan presenting a significant fundraising opportunity, Human Appeal needed an entirely customised payment solution to compliment their recent transition to Salesforce.

On the one hand, the solution needed to be flexible enough to accommodate the unique donation structure of Ramadan, allowing for incrementally increasing daily donations throughout the month. On the other, it also needed to accommodate multiple payment types, such as card payments and Direct Debits, diversifying and crucially, simplifying, the ways in which donors could make recurring payments to encourage a higher volume of Ramadan donations…

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