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Card Payments made simple

Our powerful and flexible application makes taking card payments inside your CRM environment or via your website straight forward.

Reap the benefits from our Card Payment services

Your clients, be it members, donors or subscribers can benefit from unparalleled card payment functionality, including:

Refunds & Voids

Successful transactions can be voided or refunded back to your customer with ease using our integrated refund processing

Deferred Payments

Setup delayed card payments, allowing transactions to be completed immediately and payment to be collected a few days later

Automated Requests

Following your sales process, setup automated requests to pay through email payment links, making payment easier for your customers


Save the card details of your customer in the form of a token to allow your customer to simply log into your website and proceed to checkout

Repeat Payments

Easily setup a subscription or payment plan with customers using their Debit or Credit card, collecting their payment information only once but allowing multiple payments

Integrate with other Payment Gateways

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