Revenue Collection

Our universal payment platform provides a bridge between your business systems and a host of payment schemes. Seamlessly managing, processing and reconciling payments we have the perfect solution to complement your business workflow. Our platform has a very comprehensive API and offer a number of standard integration options.



Automate revenue collection to safeguard your cash flow

With more and more businesses choosing to use Direct Debits every day because of the clear cost, resource, forecasting and error reduction advantages, Direct Debit has become the most effective way to make payment collections.

SmarterPay’s Direct Debit Management Solution (DDMS) is a powerful AUDDIS compliant system that enables you to manage your Direct Debits in one place and streamline cash flow, ensuring greater visibility of financial information and operational efficiency.

Our open API allows you to integrate Direct Debits/Credits and card payments into your systems. We offer standalone or integrated Direct Debit Management Solutions and provide integrations with Salesforce, Zuora, ENSEK and many others to enable:

  • Direct Debit Set Up
  • Mandates creation and branded notifications
  • Modulus checking for Bank detail and processing date validation
  • Automated New Instruction Set up
  • Payment Plan Scheduling
  • Option to include card payments
  • Automated Bacs Submissions
  • Transaction level integration options
  • Resubmission protocols
  • Auto account updates
  • Cancellations

Solution Benefits

Reduce Your Costs

The safest and cheapest way to make business payments, paperless Direct Debits ensure administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Increased Efficiency

Achieve increased efficiency in your Direct Debit processes by having all your transactions occur in one place. Our DDMS reduces time consuming reconciliation tasks and ensures payment data is collected without manual intervention and human error.

Reduced Rejections

All direct debit sort code and account data are validated against the UK Industry Sort Code Directory (ISCD) to prevent rejections and ensure collection accuracy.

Solution Features

Direct Debit and Credit

End-to-end creation, management and processing of Direct Debits and Direct Credits.

Automated Alerts

Branded mandates and notifications for you and your customers

Modulus Checker

Automatic validation of sort codes and bank account details.

Direct Funds

Funds transferred directly into or from your account with no third-party bank account involved.

Transaction Visibility

Customer level transaction history tracked and recorded.

Cloud or On Premise

Available as a fully hosted and managed cloud-based service or as an on premise solution supporting direct submissions.

Card Payment Processing

Our platform includes a card payment processing module that allows you to connect to your preferred payment gateway. Additionally it can be driven by payment schedules for recurring card payment processing or single collection instructions originating within your CRM, accounting system or billing platform. This allows you to manage, process payments and reconcile transactions all in one place.

Through our partnership with Opayo Elavon we can extend an offer to connect to our standard integrated payment gateway.


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